We love helping people get rid of their junk. We’ve been your friendly local junk removal company for a little over eight months, and one of our favorite things is seeing the look of relief on peoples’ faces as their junk gets loaded into our trailer to be hauled off.

But you know what else we love? Doing something with that junk that gives it a new lease on life.

We donate a lot of stuff to local thrift stores. We donate a lot of furniture, as well as some less-common stuff like electronics. Our philosophy is that if it’s in good condition, we’d rather help it on its way to a family that can appreciate it.

And then we got to thinking.

Donating stuff to a thrift store is awesome, because the thrift store can sell it at a bargain price to somebody that could use it.

But what about the people who have a hard time affording even the stuff at thrift stores?

And what about all the furniture and other stuff thrift stores won’t even take? The problem with beds, for example, is that thrift stores don’t want them – even if they’re in great condition. And while we do mattress recycling, we’d rather not recycle something that could be put to use right here in our community.

And then it clicked – we could just donate some of the items directly to people in need.

We just moved into a physical location last week, which gives us space to store some commonly-needed items. And we decided to start with beds.

Now to be clear, these aren’t new beds. But they’re also not old, stained-up, nasty mattresses. They’re mattresses, box springs, and frames that we’ve hauled off from peoples’ homes. They’re in good shape, and they’re available on a “first come, first served” basis to people in need.

Because of this, we might not always have beds in stock. We might not even have a complete bed. We might just have a mattress and box spring, or just a frame. And we obviously won’t always be able to accommodate requests for a specific size of bed.

But these beds are free to people in need.

If you call us and we don’t have a bed for you, we’ll take your name and phone number and add you to our waiting list.

If we do have a bed, we’ll arrange a time for you to come pick the bed up. Depending on schedule flexibility, we may even be able to drop it off on our way to a junk pickup job.

If this works out well, we’re considering expanding this program to some other commonly-needed furniture types as well. Couches, chairs, dining room tables, etc.

But for now, if you need a bed please give us a call. And if you have a friend in need, please give them our phone number – (715) 598-3677.

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