Frequently Asked Questions

What all will you take?

We haul just about anything! With limited exceptions (we couldn’t clean out a bio weapons lab – you don’t have one, do you?), if it’s in your way we’ll make it disappear. And if there’s anything we can’t deal with for some reason, we’ll point you to the people who can.

Do I have to bring the stuff to you?

Nope! We don’t even offer drop-off service. The whole idea with our business is that we come to you, do all the work to get your junk out of your space, and haul it away. Kind of like those old TV westerns – the good guy shows up, solves the problem, and disappears at the end. You can think of us as “junk removal cowboys”.

How far from Eau Claire will you go?

We’ll go up to about 50 miles, or possibly a bit further for larger jobs. If you’re more than 10 miles or so from Eau Claire there may be a small mileage charge. It all depends on the size of the job.

What payment methods do you accept?

Honestly, most people don’t really ask us this – but our accountant wanted us to put it on the website. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American express, personal / business checks, and even large wads of cash. We’re not picky!

Do you rent dumpsters?

Nope – we do something even better. When you rent a dumpster you get a huge unsightly dumpster on your property, and you still have the work of hauling everything out. Then everything gets dumped in the landfill. When you call us, we drive up with a trailer and load everything for you.  We also sort out all the things that can be donated / recycled, so the absolute minimum winds up in the landfill.

Do you offer a weekly trash removal service?

If you’re doing a large remodeling / decluttering project and would like to have us stop out once a week for a month or so, we’re happy to do that. But if you’re looking for a great company for your regular weekly pickup, we recommend our buddies at Earthbound. They do regular trash pickup, and they share our goal of helping you keep as much of your stuff as possible out of the landfill!