We’re an Eau Claire junk pickup & removal company that has a single mission – to help you live a clean, decluttered life. Old fridge stressing you out? Consider it gone. Ancient mattress hurting your back? We’ll make room for the new one. Just remodeled the kitchen, and have old cabinets and flooring all over your backyard? We’ll make it disappear.

Bottom line? If your problem is junk, we’re the solution.

We’re a small, family-owned company that’s committed to doing right by our customers, doing right by the environment, and doing good for the world. You can rest easy knowing that even after your junk is gone, it’s being processed in the most eco-friendly, socially-responsible way possible.

If your house is burstin’, you need Kersten!

We Haul It All!

** Yes, we know you’d like to get rid of them – but we’ve checked. Nobody else wants them either.
We’ll be happy to recommend a good therapist though!

We Make It Easy To Be Junk-Free!

Give us a call.

We’ll give you a free quote with one price that includes everything. For certain jobs, we may have to stop out and take a look – but there are no gimmicks, no surprises, no hidden fees. The only finger you’ll have to lift is the one that dials the phone!

Schedule your pickup.

We pride ourselves in being able to get to you fast. We can usually do the same day or the next day, but if you’d like to schedule further out that’s fine too. Just let us know!

We show up on time and in uniform.

Our team aren’t the stereotypical “junk guys.” We show up when we say we will, neatly dressed and ready to work. We’ll treat your home and your items as if they were our own! And if you decide you want us to haul off even more, no problem – our add-on rates are very reasonable.

We collect payment when the job is done.

Give us your card, hand us cash, or you can even write us a check if necessary. The price we quoted you will always be the price you pay at the end!

We’ll Make Your Junk Make A Difference

We take all of your stuff, and we figure out what to do with it. Depending on what it is and the condition it’s in, a number of different things may happen to the things we remove from your home.

We donate

Our first choice is to donate everything that is in donatable condition. We donate to Hope Gospel Mission, The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, and any other organization that accepts donations. 

We recycle

Taking care of the planet is very important to us. That’s why we maintain relationships with the various places that can take recyclable items. All remaining items (or sometimes, parts of items) that can be recycled will get recycled.

We dispose

We hate having to do this, so it’s really the last option. Sometimes though, the donation centers don’t want something. And unfortunately, not everything can be recycled. If that’s the case, we’ll haul things off to the landfill.

We Give Back To The Community

Many of the things we haul off still have some good life left in them. For things that are likely to move quickly we’ll frequently turn around and list them on a local marketplace for an affordable price. Proceeds from those sales – 100% of them – go to a local nonprofit that helps people right here in our community.

The current organization we’re supporting is “Power Of Perception”. This is a local organization that’s focused on mentoring African American & biracial youth in the Chippewa Valley area, and helping them grow into the next generation of community leaders. Learn more about Power Of Perception by watching our video, and if you’d like to partner with us in supporting Power Of Perception please reach out – (715) 598-3677. We’d love to talk to you!

Here’s What Customers Have To Say

We were incredibly happy with our experience with EC Junk Pickup! We had a garage full of old furniture, miscellaneous junk, and old window AC units, and they got them out in under 20 minutes! Great pricing and great service!

Mikaela S. Avatar
Mikaela S.

Jason was great to communicate with and the services he and his team provided were excellent. I would highly recommend working with him. He removed an old play set and basketball hoop pole. This was completed in the time frame he quoted. Great service!

Holly T. Avatar
Holly T.

positive review Great work ! Easy to deal with an honest company and the people that run it. Fully recommend.

Carlos A. Avatar
Carlos A.

Very happy with Kersten Family Junk removal. They responded quickly, set up a time that worked with my schedule, they were very professional and quick, I enjoyed talking with them. I would highly recommend them to everyone. Well worth the money. Thank you!

pj j. Avatar
pj j.

Called for furniture removal, could have done same day service, but didn't work for me so scheduled for a couple days later. Couches moved to curb due to Covid and they picked up, $140 for sofa and loveseat.

Cassie M. Avatar
Cassie M.

We had a very old and heavy water that was in our house when we moved in over thirty years ago. Quite frankly I was concerned if we would ever be able to get it out of the house; the basement stars are narrow and there are a number of doorways and turns to navigate. But EC Junk Pickup was able to do it! They were very careful and professional… no nicked walls and they were very careful to avoid any damage to our lawn. I highly recommend EC Junk Removal to anyone in need of this service.

Susan A. Avatar
Susan A.

positive review Jason replied promptly, arrived on time, was pleasant to work with, and their rates were less expensive than the competition. I recommend their service and hope that their business is very successful.

Pam A. Avatar
Pam A.

Thank you for your great service! You were courteous, kind, reasonable and timely. I love what your company mission is and how you help local charities and our community!


Very down to earth crew and happy , they were fast and professional, will definitely be using them again in the future!!

bill p. Avatar
bill p.