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One of the biggest downsides to doing your own junk removal is the potential for injury. A bad bend or bad lift can mess up your back and bring your de-junking dreams to a screeching halt. This is especially true for large or oddly-sized items, particularly those items that require you to lift as a team.

Fortunately, there’s a very useful product that solves this problem – and it’s what we use. It’s a lifting strap!

This is made from heavy-duty burlap, and it’s used for one purpose – to carry weight without breaking. The idea is that if you don’t have to bend over and get the heavy object off the floor, that eliminates a lot of the strain on your back. You get to position & adjust the strap, get into an upright position, and do a much more controlled lift with your knees and/or arms. It also helps that you’re already standing upright, so you don’t have the issue of an uncoordinated lift dumping all the item’s weight on one person.

You’re still obviously limited by the strength of the people doing the moving; this strap won’t magically let a couple of kids lift a 500 lb antique water heater. But as long as you can lift it, this strap can probably handle it. A lifting strap is rated for a ridiculous amount of weight. All you have to do is get a friend to help you, slide the strap under your large item, and lift.

This strap is probably one of the most-used tools in our decluttering toolbox. Not only does it make lifting easy, but it massively reduces the risk of getting poked by a nail, getting a sliver, or encountering other unexpected (and uncomfortable) surprises when lifting old furniture.

What about you? What’s your favorite decluttering tool? Get in touch, and maybe you’ll find it featured on our site!

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