We love helping you get rid of your junk. We’ve hauled off so many couches, appliances, and boxes of stuff that we’ve lost count. And it’s easy to be aware of this stuff – you can’t possibly forget that there’s a broken couch in your basement!

However, there are a number of items that lots of people have. These fall below the radar because they’re frequently smaller and unobtrusive. And many of them fall into the category of “hazardous waste”.

These include:

  • Oil based Paint (NOT in glass)
  • Latex Paint (NOT in glass) *
  • Aerosols
  • Batteries *
  • Lightbulbs *
  • Wood stain
  • Gas, Oil
  • Fuel stabilizer
  • Carburetor and brake cleaners
  • Mineral spirits
  • Antifreeze

You may not know this, but even though these would absolutely fit in your trash, most of these items can’t legally be put in your regular trash can. There are chemicals and such in them that makes them dangerous to dispose of improperly, and improper disposal can also cause damage to our environment.

Fortunately, Eau Claire County offers a program three times per year to help residents quickly & easily dispose of these items – and the next one is October 2nd! It’s called the “Eau Claire County Clean Sweep”.

On October 2nd, 2021, all of the above items will be accepted at WRR Environmental Services for disposal. Most will be accepted for free, but some items will have a minimal fee for disposal. The items with fees are the items with asterisks above. For complete details about what’s accepted, and applicable fees, you can check out this list.

We strongly encourage everybody reading this to take advantage of this opportunity. Check under your sinks. On that shelf in the garage. Go through your junk drawer. The odds are that you have this stuff in your house, and this is your chance to get rid of it in a way that protects and preserves our environment.

For full details about the program, check out the full details on the Eau Claire County Planning & Development site. Let’s work together to keep our city clean!

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