It’s July 1st. If you’re like most people, six months ago you came up with a set of New Years’ resolutions – some of them likely having to do with decluttering. And if you’re like most people, those resolutions lasted until mid-to-late January.

No guilt from us – we’ve all done it!

But this July, the six-month anniversary of those New Years’ resolutions, we actually think it’s the perfect time to pick them back up. 


First and foremost, January 1st is a completely arbitrary date. There’s nothing about the first of January that makes it a magic day for getting your life together. In fact, here in Wisconsin, there are a number of things actively working against you in January. Which brings us to….

The weather is finally cooperating. Not to put too fine a point on it, but it’s no fun trying to haul stuff out of your house in January. It’s freezing, there’s snow and ice, and the environment just isn’t conducive to decluttering. July has great weather, and a general sense of “lightness” about it – which makes it a great time to get junk and clutter out of your house. The lack of ice and snow also makes it a great time to haul a car load of stuff to a donation center!

Summer is when you probably want to have people over. Cookouts are definitely a thing in the summer months. Even if you’re not planning on having the party inside, that doesn’t mean people aren’t going to be occasionally drifting in and out. And even if the whole shindig is outside, there’s a good chance that your yard could use a quick pick-up and a summer refresh. We actually specialize in complete property cleanups – both inside and outside. You just let us know what to get rid of, and we get it gone!

It’ll help you enjoy your vacation. Summer is when we typically take vacations, and it’s no fun at all to leave for a nice, relaxing vacation and then come home to a house full of junk. Getting your junk taken care of now will make your summer vacations even more relaxing and refreshing.

It might actually save you money. Cluttered interiors can cause airflow to be blocked, and this time of year that means you’ll be running your air conditioner even harder than necessary. If you clear out the junk, it can help air flow more freely, reduce dust accumulation, and make your space more enjoyable to spend time in. This is also a great time to double-check and make sure there’s no junk obstructing your supply (output) and return air (input) vents!

Remember – January 1st is an arbitrary date. If you have junk, and you’d like to start enjoying the benefits of a less-cluttered life, today is the day to start. And if you could use a little bit of help (and a couple of good, strong backs) to get the junk out, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We hope you have a great summer!

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