We love picking up your junk and hauling it off. Another thing we love almost as much is finding ways to give your junk a chance to do good before it goes to the landfill. This is why we donate to great local organizations such as Hope Gospel Mission, Habitat For Humanity Restore, C3, & Sofas For Service.

But it also got us thinking. Not every worthy organization has a resale shop, and we’ve found that many times the resale shops have so many donations (particularly large items) that they just can’t accept any more.

A lot of junk hauling companies solve this problem by selling the nicest stuff. For most of these companies, that’s actually part of their business model – their price assumes that they’ll make some money on the back end by selling off the junk they haul out of peoples’ homes.

We decided that we’d take a page out of their playbook, but with a twist.

For things that can be moved quickly, we’ll take them to our warehouse, give them a look-over, and then list them on a local online marketplace for an affordable price. Proceeds from those sales – 100% of them – go to a local nonprofit that helps people right here in our community. Note, we didn’t say “profits” – 100% of the proceeds. We donate our time, then we donate 100% of the money.

We’re also exploring the possibility of partnering with businesses or individuals that would like to join us in this venture via a one-time donation, or via matching funds.

To kick off this initiative, the first organization we’re supporting is “Power Of Perception”. This is a local organization that’s focused on mentoring African American & biracial youth in the Chippewa Valley area, and helping them grow into the next generation of community leaders. We encourage you to watch the YouTube video to learn more about this fantastic local organization, and all the great work they’re doing in the Chippewa Valley.

If you’d like to partner with us in supporting Power Of Perception, or would like to contribute some form of matching funds based on the money we raise, please reach out – (715) 598-3677. We’d love to talk to you!

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