It’s tempting to think of “clutter” and “junk” as mostly being confined to buildings or living spaces. And for most of us, that’s probably the case. Especially in Wisconsin where we’re primarily indoors for about half of the year, we definitely see more of the inside than the outside.

But as spring and summer arrive, we venture back outdoors more – and for many of us, that means we spend more time in our yard.

Have you ever considered that your “outdoors” might need a good declutter / de-junking as much as your “indoors”?

What’s a property cleanup?

A “property cleanup” is what you call it when you walk around your property, make a list of what needs to be gotten rid of / fixed up / dealt with, and then do it. For most people, this is a matter of getting rid of a bunch of junk and clutter that’s making their property less attractive or less usable than they’d prefer.

The junk and clutter you find in your yard is different from what you typically find inside, but it’s no less of a problem. For example, “outside” is the sort of place where things usually go during a project like a kitchen remodel. And if you don’t deal with that stuff immediately, it can wind up just sitting in a pile for a long time. Just like inside, the more space you have the less urgency you feel to get it cleared out – but unlike inside it’s usually exposed to the elements, which means metal is rusting, wood is rotting, concrete blocks can be growing moss, etc.

Outbuildings give you a storage place that’s secure from the elements, but sheds, pole barns, and other structures give you an “out of sight, out of mind” place to tuck things that might be better gotten rid of than stored.

So what do you do?

If you have a strong back and access to a pickup truck (or a friend with a pickup truck!), or if you don’t mind renting a truck (we suggest trucks with more ground clearance), you can load it up and haul it to the dump. If you load up a box truck and make a single trip it’ll likely cost you less than $100 in disposal fees to get rid of just about everything on your property. Another $50-$75 of beer, soda, and pizza – and the promise of helping your friends in the future – will probably get you some friends that are happy to help you load everything up.

If you’re like a lot of people though, you don’t want to deal with that stuff. Between rotting wood, rusting metal, heavy concrete, sharp edges, bugs, and all the other hassles of dealing with stuff that’s been outdoors for years, you wouldn’t be the first person to not want to tackle the job yourself.

And honestly, that’s the sort of person who calls us. We’ve seen (and gotten calls to haul away) it all. Piles of scrap metal in storage sheds, concrete blocks from construction projects, non-working hot tubs that just need to be gotten rid of, and even whole sheds that just needed to be pulled down. We’re happy to be your cleanup crew – and our prices are very reasonable. Plus, while you have us out there dealing with your “outside”, we’re happy to grab any of your “inside” stuff you want gone as well.

If you’re planning to be outside in your yard this summer, and there’s stuff out there you’d rather not deal with, why not give us a call for a free, no-obligation quote on a property cleanup? We’ll get things looking great, so you can enjoy the beautiful summer weather that’s just around the corner!

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