Fall Bulk Pickup Days are almost here!

Normally garbage companies will haul your junk, but they charge extra fees. In fact, usually those extra fees – to pick up your junk on the usual trash day – are more expensive than calling us and having us haul your stuff off at your convenience!

But during the Bulk Pickup Days, most garbage companies in the Eau Claire area are waiving those fees.

This means that you can haul that old couch out to the curb, and it’ll disappear with your regular garbage pickup. If you have lots of junk laying around your house, this is the time to get some things together and haul them out to the curb.

But wait….isn’t this what we do? Yup. Isn’t this something we charge money for? Yup again. Isn’t this how we put food on the table for our kids? That’s an affirmative.

So why are we telling you about this?

Honestly, we value our customers. We love hauling your junk. But education is a core part of our business philosophy as well. If you can do it yourself, we’re happy to see that happen. There are more than enough other people that can’t do it themselves, or that have way, way more junk than the free pickup days will accommodate. And by doing the most good for our community – either by education or by junk removal services – we do well for ourselves.

Most garbage companies in Eau Claire are participating in this program. Obviously they’re not going to haul off a whole house full of junk for you – there are limits – but this is great opportunity to get some large items out of your home. We encourage you to contact your regular garbage company and find out what rules / exclusions might apply.

And if you have more junk than they’ll take, or junk that they won’t take as part of this program, you know what to do – pick up the phone and get a fast, free quote for all of your junk removal needs!

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