A number of professional service companies get a bit hesitant about sharing the best practices for doing what they do. After all, if they’re charging money to do it, why would they let everybody know how to do it?

That’s not how we roll.

Part of that is our underlying business focus. If you’re a young, able-bodied person who’s ready, willing and able to do the job yourself – and the only reason you’re calling us is because we know a little more than you about how to do junk removal – we’d rather teach you to solve your own problems.

This is because we know from experience that even if we tell our customers all of our “secrets”, there will always be a number of people for whom it’s still worth calling us and just letting us handle things. Those are the people we love to serve.

Another part of it is our business philosophy. We learned the things we know from other people, and many of them were very kind and generous to share their wisdom with us. We believe that in the same way we received, we should share.

And the last reason is that we’re a family business – and we consider our customers to be our extended “family”. So by not worrying about what we share with our customers, and not having to stress about whether we accidentally reveal a “secret”, we can have more open and honest communication with everybody.

And that’s the way we love to do business.

So if you’re willing and able to do it yourself, we’re happy to give you some free advice about how to do the job well, and not hurt yourself (or your property!) in the process.

And if you’re one of those people that would prefer to “leave it to the pros”, that’s awesome too. Just give us a call and we’ll get your junk out fast & clean.

Either way, stay tuned for future posts about “DIY Decluttering” including tips, tools, and strategies for getting your junk under control. And if you have specific questions, feel free to fill out our contact form and ask. We can’t always reply directly to individual questions, but there’s a good chance you might see your question answered in a future blog post!

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