If you’re one of the many people who loves real Christmas trees you know how much fun it can be to go pick out a tree, load it up, and set it up in your home. During the holidays, there’s nothing quite like a real, natural Christmas tree sitting in your living room. Artificial trees just can’t compete with the sights, smells, and experience of the real thing.

But after the holidays, those trees quickly lose their charm. They get brown, start dropping needles, and generally move from “beautiful holiday decorations” to “nuisance that needs to be dealt with”. 

We’re a junk removal company, so normally this is where we’d jump in. But while we love to help you haul off your Christmas-related junk, we just can’t take your tree. Effective this last fall, the city of Eau Claire won’t let businesses use the Green Waste Facility anymore – so we don’t have any place to get rid of it. We rely on organizations and disposal sites in the community, and there’s currently no place for a business like ours to get rid of Christmas trees.

Fortunately, even though the Green Waste Facility is closed to businesses, it’s still open to the public! Like many previous years, Eau Claire is offering a free Christmas tree disposal service via their “Merry Mulch” program. This year it runs from December 23rd (seriously – who’s getting rid of Christmas trees before Christmas?) to January 31st.

How does the program work?

To take advantage of this free program, you need to make sure that you’ve removed all the decorations, lights, garland, tinsel, and anything else that falls into the “not part of a tree” category. It’s going to be mulched, and nobody wants ground up light bulbs and tinsel in their flower bed! After you’ve cleared off all the decorations you just load up your tree and bring it to the Green Waste Facility on Jeffers Road. Your Christmas tree will be turned into mulch, which will be made available to the community. If you’re the type of person who gardens or does landscaping in your yard, you can head back out in the springtime and pick up some mulched Christmas trees for your yard projects.

How’s that for a deal?

If you’re one of the many people that loves real Christmas trees, we hope you take advantage of this free program. And if you’re one of the people who loves your artificial tree, you’ll get no judgement from us. No matter whether you’re a “real tree” or “artificial tree” person, we hope you have a happy, healthy, clutter-free holiday season!

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