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For professional refrigerator and appliance recycling and removal services, contact our experienced service team at EC Junk Pickup in Eau Claire, WI, offering comprehensive removal services to the city and all surrounding communities. We offer free quotes and free estimates for all junk removal, and we can often arrange same-day pickup services.

Your old refrigerator and other appliances must be disposed of in a safe, secure, eco-friendly manner since they contain chemicals that can harm the environment. When we handle the safe removal of your old refrigerator, we will ensure that it is discarded in a highly responsible and environmentally protective way.

Attempting to dispose of heavy old appliances yourself may cause back, knee or neck injuries or strained muscles in arms and legs. If these appliances are discarded carelessly, they can have a detrimental effect on the environment. Many old appliances contain chemicals that can damage the ozone layer, which will be released into the air or any surrounding water if they are dumped into landfill during appliance or refrigerator disposal.


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Whether you have a lightly used refrigerator for removal or a near-antique deep freeze or stove that has withstood many years of constant use, our expert removal team will ensure that your appliances are disposed of in a completely eco-safe and environmentally friendly manner. All safety precautions will be observed during air conditioner disposal as well.

We pickup and dispose of a wide variety of other appliances, including dishwashers, your washing machine and dryer, water heater and microwave. Before we arrive for removal of your refrigerator and other appliances, disconnect them from their electrical, gas, oil or water sources, remove any shelving or racks from inside and secure the doors shut with duct tape.

Our professional, uniformed removal team will phone you within 15 to 30 minutes of your scheduled 2-hour window of appliance pick up time. The team will arrive ready to perform removal services promptly and efficiently, either discarding your fridge, freezer, stove, dishwasher or other appliance safely or delivering it to a designated second-hand dealer or to an appliance recycling or refrigerator recycling center for re-purposing of its mechanisms and other parts.

Contact us at EC Junk Pickup today to schedule your refrigerator and appliance removal date and enjoy our top quality, safe and secure removal and disposal services.

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