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One of our essential professional junk removal services at EC Junk Pickup located in Eau Claire, WI, is mattress disposal and recycling for homes, inns, hotels and motels or B&Bs around the city and throughout the surrounding regions. Mattress removal must be handled professionally and in an eco-friendly and safe way today.

These items are large and cumbersome to remove on your own, and they cannot be left at the curb by your home, hotel or inn for old mattress pickup by local trash collection companies. If your mattress is in good condition and suitable for recycling, we will offer it as a charity donation or ensure that it is recycled or disposed of correctly. If the mattress you are discarding is free of stains, rips and tears or other damage, it should be acceptable for donation to a local charity.

Before calling us for a mattress disposal, you will need to contact the charity you intend to donate your old mattress to and ensure that this organization will accept your mattress. If no charity in your area is currently accepting discarded mattresses, you may want us to deliver it to a recycling center so its contents can be re-purposed for other uses.


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Once you make these arrangements, call us for a mattress pick up, and we will remove your mattress and deliver it to its destination. We will provide you with a free price quote and estimate of our all-inclusive price for pickup of your mattress and its delivery to a charity or location for mattress recycling near me. You can be assured that we will dispose of your mattress in a completely responsible and acceptable manner.

If you should need to dispose of a mattress that has bed bug infestation, which is a problem that many hotels, inns and B&Bs must deal with today, alert us of this problem when you call for a mattress pickup. If acceptable in your locale, you can then have a pest control expert treat your mattress and wrap it securely in plastic before our appointment for pickup. Just attach a label to the mattress reading, "Contains Bed Bugs," and this will notify everyone who handles this item of its bug infestation so they can handle the wrapped mattress carefully to avoid spreading these bugs.

Call us today at EC Junk Pickup serving Eau Claire and all surrounding communities for professional mattress disposal. When possible, we provide same-day pickup services, and we are available 7 days each week for mattress haul-away and disposal or mattress recycling.

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