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Five Reasons To Hire Our Company For the Removal Of Junk

When you have a messy home or business, it is time-consuming to haul away junk such as large appliances, damaged furniture and dirty carpets. Fortunately, you can hire professional junk haulers who have the equipment necessary for lifting heavy objects into dumpsters or trucks so that you have a clean building or lawn. At EC Junk Pickup in Eau Claire, Wis., we specialize in a variety of property cleaning processes. Here are some of the reasons to call our team to pick up junk from your property.

Reason 1: Estate Cleanout

When a relative dies, you are faced with a huge challenge. You may have a home that is filled with numerous possessions. Our company's technicians understand how emotional an estate cleanout is, so you can contact us for these services:

• Washing machine and dryer disposal – sent to scrap metal recycling centers
• Furniture removal – taken to charitable organizations or landfills
• Hot tub removal – disconnected from pipes and wires
• Air conditioner disposal – according to safety regulations


Reason 2: Business Closures

If you own a business that has closed, then you must return the property to its previous condition so that the property owner can lease it to a new tenant. You may have only a few days to have the debris removed from a leased building, but our company is able to provide fast junk hauling services in Eau Claire and surrounding cities. Call us for these types of property cleanout services:

• Garbage removal – collecting kitchen waste
• Freezer and refrigerator disposal and recycling – including commercial appliances
• Furniture removal – donated to charities or taken to landfills
• Removal of electronic waste – proper disposal of computers and printers
• Dishwasher and trash compactor removal – hauled to a scrap metal recycling facility

You can call us to pick up junk at any type of business in our region. 

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 Reason 3: Foreclosure Cleanout

When you are a bank manager or real estate agent who is in charge of foreclosed properties, you will need a junk removal service as fast as possible. Foreclosed properties are often a mess because the owners leave in a hurry, and they may try to destroy the home with an assortment of debris. This type of service can include removing several truckloads of personal possessions, kitchen appliances, broken televisions and degrading furniture. The previous owners of the home may have been involved in drug trafficking or hoarding, leading to a filthy property that has these problems:

• Raw sewage on carpets and other items
• Pests such as rodents, spiders and insects
• Dangerous objects such as needles

By hiring our company, you can avoid the dangers from a foreclosure cleanout.


Reason 4: Hoarding Situations

If you have a hoarding situation in a home, then the local government authorities will require you to have the property cleaned within a few days. When you don't comply with the authorities regulations, you can lose your home. Here are the services that our junk haulers provide for hoarding situations:

• Fast removal of large objects to create pathways
• Assistance with sorting through debris to throw away junk
• Dumpsters for proper junk disposal

Call us for property cleanout services for any type of hoarding situation.

 Reason 5: Construction Site Cleaning

When you are remodeling your own home, you will have a messy property, but fortunately, you can call our company for the removal of junk. We offer these services for construction cleaning:

• Removal of DIY construction debris
• Yard waste disposal
• Removal of old materials from the inside or outside of a building

Post-construction cleanups can make your home ready to live in, and it also ensures that you are following the local laws concerning having a property that is clean and safe.

How Can You Learn More About Affordable Junk Removal Prices?

If you need efficient professional junk removal service in Eau Claire, Wis., then call EC Junk Pickup at 715-598-3677 for a free quote or estimate. You can count on our family-owned business for all of your residential or commercial debris removal needs. Our technicians can haul away junk on a routine or emergency basis so that you have a clean property that meets local health and sanitation codes.

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