It’s summer! In addition to all the fun of warm weather, weekend barbecues, and vacations, this is also a great time to tackle larger decluttering and de-junking projects – particularly outside projects, and anything in an area like the garage or a shed that you really don’t want to mess with in the winter due to the colder temperatures.

If you have a lot of junk, the question that usually comes up is, “where do I start?” There are a number of ways to answer that question, and as long as you start somewhere there’s really no wrong answer – but there are strategies that will give you the most “bang for the buck” if your time is limited.

Here’s a few of our favorites.

Prioritize “Outside Junk”, i.e. Property Cleanups

You can deal with the stuff inside your house any time of the year, but the stuff outside is really best dealt with when the weather is nice. And in Wisconsin, that means you get a few really good months to deal with it. Go around the outside of your home, and make a list of all the stuff you can only tackle when the weather is cooperating with your efforts!

Prioritize Bulky Junk

If you look around and see junk, your place feels….well….junk-y. And the items that jump out to you are usually the biggest. Outside, this might be a swingset that’s falling over, or a pile of old construction debris. Inside this might be an old console television or a couch that’s seen better days. Even if the large item is covered in other items (piles of books and papers on the old console TV, for example), consider clearing that stuff off and get rid of the huge item.

Prioritize “Junk Magnet” Areas

Most homes have an area or two that just seem to accumulate clutter and junk. And the longer it stays accumulated there, the longer it’ll likely stay in the future. This might be something like a kitchen table where everything just piles up temporarily since it’s the most convenient spot to dump things on the way into the house. Or it might be a “junk room” in the basement where you pile everything that doesn’t have another place to go. Whichever it is, odds are good that it’s a great place to start your de-junking journey. 

Those are just a few of our ideas, of course. There’s really no bad place to start. The important thing is that you start somewhere, and keep working at it. And especially if you’re dealing with large items, lots of stuff, or things are going to require some serious effort (swingsets in poured concrete, anyone?), remember – there’s no shame in calling some help. We have a team of junk removal pros that are more than happy to show up at your place and do all the heavy lifting for you. Take a look around, identify your next junk removal project, then give us a quick call for a fast, free quote!

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