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Most junk removal jobs aren’t small, single-item projects. There’s a washer and a dryer, or a fridge and a sofa, or some other combination of items. Unlike some other companies, we don’t charge flat per-item fees. We charge based on the size of the load, and we pass on any recycling fees that we’re required to pay (electronics disposal fees, for example). This makes more sense to us, and means you save money – sometimes a lot of money!

If you just have one item, the sample pricing below will let you know how much it will cost to have it hauled off. But for anything more complicated than that, you’ll want to get an exact quote – and the fastest way to get that is to give us a phone call. One of our friendly junk removal pros will ask you a couple of questions about your stuff, quote you an exact price, and let you know when we could schedule a pickup.

If you’d rather send us an email, that’s cool too. Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you soon with a quote and some scheduling options.

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Common Pricing

Sofa $100
Sectional Sofa $125
Hydabed $125
Reclining Sofa $125
Love Seat $75
Reclinging Love Seat $100
Recliner $75
Lift Chair $75
Mattress or Box Spring $75
Mattress and Box Spring $110
Dresser/Coffee Table/End Table $50
Entertainment Center $75
Dining Room Set/Table & Chairs $100
Refrigerator $125
Dorm Refrigerator $75
Chest Freezer $150
Stoves, Washers & Dryers $75
2 Stoves, Washers, or Dryers $125
Water Heater $100
Air Conditioner $75
Dehumidifier $75
Furnace $100
LCD / Plasma TV, Over 55″ $80
LCD / Plasma TV, Under 55″ $75
Wood Console or Projection TV $150
Tube TV $75

Prices are all-inclusive and include removal of the items from your home / property, finding a new home for them if possible, and recycling / disposing responsibly (including any associated fees) if not.


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We Make It Easy To Be Junk-Free!

Give us a call.

We’ll give you a free quote with one price that includes everything. For certain jobs, we may have to stop out and take a look – but there are no gimmicks, no surprises, no hidden fees. The only finger you’ll have to lift is the one that dials the phone!

Schedule your pickup.

We pride ourselves in being able to get to you fast. We can usually do the same day or the next day, but if you’d like to schedule further out that’s fine too. Just let us know!

We show up on time and in uniform.

Our team aren’t the stereotypical “junk guys.” We show up when we say we will, neatly dressed and ready to work. We’ll treat your home and your items as if they were our own! And if you decide you want us to haul off even more, no problem – our add-on rates are very reasonable.

We collect payment when the job is done.

Give us your card, hand us cash, or you can even write us a check if necessary. The price we quoted you will always be the price you pay at the end!

The fastest and best way to get a fast, free quote from us is to text us at (715) 333-3643 or click the button in the lower right hand corner of this site to open a live chat. If you prefer communicating via email, please use the form below.