Piano disposal

Pianos are huge and heavy. That means that if you want to reclaim the piano-filled space, you have a project on your hands.

The first question to ask is pretty simple: does this piano work properly? If your piano is in good working condition, or maybe in good condition but is in need of a tuning, it might be worth making a few phone calls.

With things like musical instruments – particularly expensive ones – in good condition, it’s definitely worth calling your local thrift store. Theaters, schools, youth groups, retirement homes, music studios, and other such places may also be interested in – or know somebody that’s interested in – a free piano. Depending on the organization, they may even come pick it up!

If your piano isn’t in good working condition, you can check with a recycling center to see if they’d be willing to take it for scrap materials.

Of course if you just call us, we can handle all of that for you. We’ll get it out of your house, donate it if possible, dispose of it if not, and handle everything with no hassle to you!