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EC Junk Pickup isn’t the typical demolition service. With our streamlined methods, we make the process of demolition efficient as well as safe. We can help you with all kinds of demolition services in Eau Claire.

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Demolition Services We Offer

At EC Junk Pickup, we work hard to provide professional, affordable, and reliable demolition service. Loved and rated as the best by our customers in Eau Claire, we offer the demolition services as listed below:

Building Demolition

We know what it takes to bring an entire structure to the ground. From ensuring optimal safety of the property and people living nearby to dust control, we take of everything. With extensive experience in building demolition services, we deliver a complete solution to building demolition. We use high-tech excavators and operate them skillfully and take down tall buildings without causing any damage to the surrounding structures.

Shed Demolition

Do you need to remove an old shed? Shed removal has never been this easy. Our expert technicians will help you get rid of the shed. We’ll take it down without causing any damage to your home and also remove all the junk, leaving your place clean and ready to use for anything you want. Our all-inclusive price and friendly staff are all you need to have your shed demolition without leaving behind any mess.

House Demolition

We provide the fastest house demolition services. Due to the attention we pay on planning how to carry on the demolition, we help our customers save on costs. House demolition can cause a lot of pollution and leave a mess in the place. With our demolition methodology, you can be sure of creating no pollution and also of a clean area that is ready to be used for new construction.



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Trailer Demolition

If you have a trailer that you want to get rid of, then we can help you remove it. We have the exact procedure to demolish and remove a travel trailer. We understand the problems people encounter while getting rid of the trailer. Our team will not only help you choose the best way to remove it but also tell you how we will do it at each step.

Garage Demolition

If you have been wondering about removing your garage to make room for something better, then it is time to finalize the decision. We are the experienced professionals you can trust for efficient demolition of your garage. We are very careful while dismantling your garage and take a due care to cause a minimal mess. It is our responsibility to remove the garage debris once demolished.

Concrete Demolition

When it comes to concrete demolition, we understand that every structure has different needs. If you want to make a stronger structure in place of a weaker one, then concrete demolition is all you need. Make space for new buildings and modern construction by demolishing and recycling old concrete. We have a solid understanding of techniques to demolish concrete to make the whole process simple, yet effective.

Pool Demolition

Pool demolition can be helpful to create some useful space if you have a useless pool in your backyard or want to make a better pool. With minimal hassle, we will remove the pool from your residence, that too at an incredibly affordable cost. You don’t have to stress over clean up the backyard after we demolish the pool. After the pool demolition is complete, it will be our responsibility to remove all the junk.

Building Collapse Demolition

Demolition is an essential part of making space by removing a building. For massive buildings and high-rise buildings, building collapse is a viable option. With the level of physics involved in building collapse demolition, we devise each step smartly to make sure the demolition is 100% safe and effective. From making sure the building falls in the right direction to making sure the demolition does not become troublesome for the neighbor, we do everything perfectly.

Remodeling Demolition

Remodeling an old house begins with remodeling demolition. While remodeling is an enjoyable activity, demolishing the old structure can give you a hard time. From managing time efficiently to completing the work to perfection, we will meet your expectations at every step. We make your work easy by taking care of everything in remodeling demolition. With many year

Savvy and professional

At EC Junk Pickup, we provide demolition solutions that are innovative, budget-friendly and always on time. Our methodologies of demolition are based on science and we use high-tech excavation equipment to carry out the demolition.

Safe and reliable

We know that demolition creates difficulties for the passer-by and the people living nearby the site. We take due care in ensuring no difficulty is caused to you and at the same time, no pollution is caused. We are fully insured should an emergency situation arise.

Debris removal

We remove all the debris created during the demolition and leave the place perfectly clean to carry on the new construction works. You can be sure that all the harmful material like asbestos is completely removed from the premises.


We do our responsibility towards the environment by making sure most of the debris and junk we collect after demolition is recycled. We use expert methods to prevent pollution and dust during the process of demolition.

Professional and courteous staff

Our staff is duly trained in the latest techniques used in demolition. Further, all our staff is professional, courteous, and friendly right from the beginning until the end. When you hire us, you will surely feel like you are our one and only customer.

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