Sack lunches for the residents of Sojourner House, December 2021

If you’ve ever paid for junk removal, you may have wondered what happens to the stuff. Sure, some gets recycled. Some gets thrown away. But what about all the stuff that’s in really good condition? Most junk removal companies haul the “best of the best” stuff back to a warehouse and sell it. They figure the extra profits into their business model, as an extra “bonus” on top of their regular rates. When we started our company, we decided that’s not how we want to do business.

When we haul off your junk, we don’t need to make more money on top of the money you already paid us. We donate much of the “good stuff” to Hope Gospel Mission, CDC Outreach and other local thrift shops, but when we find an item that we know would sell pretty easily for a bargain price, we use it as an opportunity to give back to the community.

We’ll take that item, give it a quick look-over, and list it locally on Facebook Marketplace. We price these items to move, and the money we make from their sale – 100% of it – gets donated back to the community in some form through our “Bargains To Blessings” initiative.

The first group we helped was “Power of Perception“, a local charity that helps to develop young leaders in the African-American community. After that, we focused on the local homeless population. Winter in Wisconsin is both cold and long, so we donated a number of warm clothes (scarves, hats, gloves, jackets, etc.). We also made & distributed lunches for the residents of Sojourner House in Eau Claire.

To learn more about our Bargains To Blessings initiative, check out the videos below. And if you know of a great organization in the Eau Claire area that we might want to consider helping, or if you’re a business and would like to partner with us via some sort of matching donation, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Bargains To Blessings Video Updates